Sempre: "There is no difference between who I am and what I do. I am a creative. I create. Whether it's building a tiny house, art, photography, life."


Sempre offers several levels of tiny house on wheels planning and construction consulting based on individual need, budget and location.


Contact Sempre with questions, comments and feedback. You're connection is important to me. I'll respond ASAP.

Team Of One

Multi-faceted, Multi-skilled, Multi-savvy, Multi...

P. Sempre Quest

Contrarian, Artist, Photographer, Writer, Explorer

Formerly know as Pat Quest, P. Sempre Quest has been described as a lone wolf, a seriously self-reliant person, a fringe dweller, a good girl but she has wanderlust, a highly creative person capable of wizardry who incorporates art in all she does...


Glen Powell


Glen has been my #1 supporter. He has given me a place to build, at times live and continual encouragement and compliment. Thank you Glen. Glen is an exceptional, award winning artist. Check him out.

Joanne Seddon

Self-Reliant Woman

Joanne is a neighbor, friend and positive human being. Joanne is the proud owner of the tack shack I built for her.

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