Quest Contrary Fundraising Campaign.

Why contribute?

In the beginning of time developing Quest Contrary, the focus was to raise funds through crowd sourcing, such as Fundly or Indigogo, to travel with my beach house on wheels from Arivaca, Arizona (1 hr. south of Tucson, near the Mexican Border), where I live to Bellingham, WA on a zigzag path to consult tiny home wanabe builders. Reassuring them they can do it, providing lessons and knowledge learned. And possibly an extra hand. Consulting is still available but the focus has changed. Read on.

Now that the beach house is near completion it has become crystal clear that to achieve my REAL goals, the beach house has to sell to finance the big change in my life I want to make. The beach house is a beautiful, beautiful piece of artwork. But when I boil it down, she is one more thing I can let go of to make the bigger picture happen.

The bigger picture? How do I want the last 20 years (guessing) of my life to look. If not now, when? is not even a question for me at age 62. The bigger picture is to accomplish what I feel is a full, good life. For me there is yet more to do, see, experience. I know for certain what I want and what I need to get it. Step by step.

Quest Contrary, my travels and my plan is larger than just personal need. Importantly, the plan includes making a difference, small or large…a difference in how people view their time on this planet this time around. Through sharing stories, knowledge and ideas I believe it possible and important.

Your contribution fuels the momentum of that goal. You become part of the solution, part of something larger than yourself. Your action to contribute becomes a positive contrarian action.

Funds will be largely used for vehicle/travel expenses, lodging, operating expenses and connecting with contrarians. My goal is $5000.00.

In return, for any amount that you contribute, you will be on my mailing list, to receive electronically, contrarian stories and images in PDF format from my travels. I can’t promise when, however, when enough stories have been collected they will be compiled into an e-book. At that time for contributing $50 – $100 you will receive a free signed copy of the e-book. Contribute $100-$200 and receive a one time tiny home on wheels consulting via skype, mesenger or telephone. Reward for a higher contribution can be discussed.

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If you would like to contribute directly you may contact me at

Thank you for your kind support.

Please pass the word about my fundraiser. And then ask your friends to pass it on. Share Quest Contrary. Sign Up. Watch Quest Contrary evolve.