Believe In Yourself

Quest Contrary is all about living the life you create on your own terms.

The life contrary is a work of art.

Whatever that may mean for you.

For me, it’s living without a mortgage or rent and being free to explore my creativity and well, just explore while leaving a light path of positive influential impact and footprint through sharing my contrarian stories and the stories of other contrarians. By looking through the lens of my camera I investigate, interpret and capture a deeper world than with my eye alone.

Quest Contrary is a personal growth experiment to support myself and make a difference doing the things that light a fire within me. Intertwined those things are photography, writing and travel. So begins a new venture in my life, possibly the last but just as possible a milestone to something larger than myself.

Quest Contrary website is a forum, a space, a beginning, that will grow, evolve and take on a life of it’s own. A life that will embrace and support thinking, believing, acting that may be contrary to the norm. To embrace diversity, change, doing it a different way. Your way, my way, our way. A way that sits right in our stomachs and our minds. A way that is all inclusive, non-judgemental. A way that sees fear as an opportunity to explore the courage to follow our own ideals.

What Are Contrarian Stories?

Let’s start by asking “What is a story?”. Story making comes out of our life experiences no matter which side of the words we are on. Life’s landscape if you will. Whether we are writing the words or identifying, relating to to the words, the story. A story grows from within demanding to be let out. Stories allow us to imagine the possibilities of things, people, cultures, ideas, emotions, perspectives, alternatives, events, change….Stories are powerful. Stories can nurture, anger, motivate, in short change and influence us.

What Is A Contrarian?

Next let’s define what a contrarian is. A contrarian is a person that takes up a contrary position, especially a position that is opposed to that of the majority. A person who takes a contrary position or attitude. I ask “Is this a bad thing?” I say not. To walk through life without ever questioning is a bad thing. Does the majority rein right over those who have different, opposing ideas. Would there ever be new scientific research, new ideas, new art, change of any kind if not for the contrarians? We are in good company. And we are right to explore what works for us on an individual basis. As long as it is part of the greater good, meaning how we effect others and all earthlings. I love the definition of earthling: an inhabitant of the earth. This includes all life.

Contrarian Stories have all these same wonderful qualities as any story, but perhaps reach a little further for the untold stories, the stories of those who have chosen their own path, made conscious decisions to break outside of the box. Takes courage, perseverance to remain steadfast in one’s convictions to a life that brings satisfaction, pride, contentment, freedom. A life that may well be against the current.

Recreating myself at age 62 is an exciting, open road literally. My travels will be the catalyst to meeting other contrarians, writing and photographing about them and share their stories as well as mine. The goal is in sharing their stories and mine, they will have a ripple effect in how others might look at how they are living on our stressed planet and ask “What can I do? What can I give back to make our home a healthier, friendlier, more inclusive, more cooperative for all of us and for generations to come.

I believe the tiny house movement has a lot of people thinking in that direction. Do you have a story to share? Please contact me. I’d love to capture your stories essence, post it on my website, share with other like sites and possibly be part of an e-book.

Believe. It is possible.

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