Quest Contrary’s


Goals, Dreams & Hopes

Quest Contrary is all about living the life you create on your own terms. Whatever that may mean for you. For me, it’s living without a mortgage or rent and being free to explore my creativity and well, just explore while leaving a positive, influential impact and light footprint.

The Mission encompasses sharing knowledge and experience, encouraging self-reliance/confidence and embracing community, while traveling, writing, photographing and sharing stories.

The Plan involves consulting and visiting those who have created or are in the process of creating a contrarian life through building their own tiny dwellings or in a ways that surprise and amaze us with people’s creativity, resourcefulness and prowess.

The Dream is to write, photograph and share not only my story but the stories of other contrarians through my website, by sharing articles and writing an e-book with the hope that others will be empowered to manifest a contrarian life self-fulfilling their own dream(s) and makes a difference for others. The smallest, simplest acts have ripple effects that touch many.

If you would like to share your contrarian story please contact me. I can’t wait to hear from you, hear your story, to write, photograph and publish it.